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Know that I loved you. Know that it was not enough. — Leigh Bardugo 
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Remus and Harry make me so sad. Think about the first time Harry met Remus, on the Hogwarts Express. Remus is staring at this teenager, this boy that is so painfully Lily and James’ son. In another life he would have been ‘Uncle Remus’, swinging by every Sunday for supper, babysitting Harry with Sirius. Instead he’s a complete stranger.


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White men make up approximately 36% of the population, but commit 75% of mass shootings. What would be called terrorism by any other skin tone is suddenly some mysterious unnamed disease. We as a society are perfectly happy to further stigmatize mentally ill people, who are far more likely to be victims of violence than commit violence, in the service of protecting white supremacy and male entitlement.
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its embarrassing being a happy crier. also an angry crier. definitely a sad crier too. actually you know what im pretty much just always crying

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i said the first screencaps i’d post would be of phoebe but i’m too impatient and phoebe isn’t in the parts my computer accepted to download but god look at these darling dorks

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I need my lipstick red as the blood of angry men and eyeliner black like the dark of ages past

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I knew him.

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