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"One of the great flaws we all share is that we think everyone else is cool, everyone else is sexier, everyone else has all the answers. That was me too."

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omg someone made a spn video to awolnation’s “sail”
and it’s perfect


#I feel like I should show this to people to get them to watch SPN

whoever made this…. iloveyou


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 You deliberately stopped me, Jim. I could have saved her. Do you know what you just did? 

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There is an important distinction between not giving a fuck about what other people think of you and not giving a fuck about other people’s feelings.
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"He’s not responsible for his actions… not in control…" Steve Rogers in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Part 4

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Someone made a gif some time ago of Tom and Chris while they stood in front of a crowd, arm in arm. The video and gif were shaky, so I decided to straighten it out today.

In the result you can see even better how Chris is rubbing Toms back and shoulder and Tom… well… you can see pretty nicely how his hand goes lower and lower - until it’s on Chris arse and gives a light squeeze.

It was so freaking obvious, how could the whole world not see it?

photo backrub_2_zpsb7222e05.gif photo backrub_ass_zps6a977948.gif

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Apparently Judi Dench got bored one day and they created a Les Mis barricade character for her in May 2004 for just one performance.

Holy shit that must have been hilarious to see.

Here’s a…

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